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Gather Around the Dinner Table

We live in what most people would call a "tiny house". We have 1300 sq ft. with a family of 4. 90% of the time, our space is just right. But that 10% leaves us dreaming of a proper dining space. (We currently have an eat-in kitchen). Since we lack the dining space it's always a joy to work on a client's dining room!

Sorry about the terrible "before" pic. But you get the gist.


Originally, the dining room was not part of the project scope, so we may have celebrated when this oversized Granite conference table found a new home.


Love so much about this space. Not to mention a dining room fireplace?! Sign me up! Here's a few more pics of the finished space!

I've been so smitten by organic textures lately, so all this wood and greenery makes my heart pretty happy.

I absolutely LOVE the detail on the backside of the chairs! Hope this encourages you to open your home this year and share a meal! A lot can happen around the table when you share it with others.

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