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The BEST Faux Succulents

Let's be real, you kill ALL the plants. Even the succulents. I can barely feed my kids, who has time to feed the plants? Now, let's get the facts straight. REAL plants are magical. They really are, and it's a beautiful things to plant a seed, nurture it and watch it grow. So, if you have the patience and commitment, please ignore everything I'm about to say. You should grow real plants and be on your merry way.

I kill ALL the plants. I just don't have the time or love to care for plants. You will occasionally see me watering and clipping my roses. And by occasionally, I mean RARELY. I only do it when I feel like I need a good tan and could use the extra rays. I'm lying, I do love caring for my roses...sometimes. Perhaps when the kids are grown and gone, I will grow my own spinach and kale and all that good stuff. In the meantime, the kids have their fairy/troll gardens they water and that makes my heart happy.

Now, let's get to it. You want plants. In your house. Not another responsibility. So, I've been hunting down faux plants for quite sometime and have finally hit the jackpot! Hobby Lobby, people. As if you are surprised. Right? I mean, what don't they have?

I pulled together this fab arrangement with goodies from Hobby Lobby. It was so easy! And it makes the perfect accent on some built-ins at one of my projects! Pictures coming soon!

This fabulous planter and all its yummy succulents came from Hobby Lobby! Now, let me prepare you, it takes A LOT of succulents to create a nice full arrangement. So don't skimp! Buy extra! And, you will need:

  • Foam to hold down all the plants. (I bought a rectangle and cut it down to fit with a steak knife, I know)

  • Pliers or wire cutters, scissors will not work, I promise.

  • A variety of moss (I buy 2 different bags so I have lots of variety in my arrangements)

  • Lots of faux succulents

Now let's talk about my favorite FAUX fiddle leaf. Oh, and my cute boy. Ain't he cute? Now, I have to be honest, I've seen some amazing faux fiddle leafs. And when we have the budget, I say go for it! They are absolutely gorgeous, and look 100% real. Now, this guy over here is under $100 (NOT THE KID, HE'S NOT FOR SALE, THE TREE!!!) and I say it's good enough tucked away in a corner. I have one in our casa and so far everyone has thought it is real. Well, unless they know my fiddle leaf saga.

  1. I bought a fiddle leaf.

  2. I killed a fiddle leaf.

  3. I bought a fiddle leaf.

  4. I killed a fiddle leaf.

  5. I bought a fiddle leaf.

  6. I killed a fiddle leaf.

  7. I bought a FAUX fiddle leaf.

  8. Now all the fiddle leafs are happy!

So there you have it! Get crazy! Make a trip to Hobby Lobby and bring some green inside. Side note, they also totally have fairy garden stuff too! So you can encourage your kids to grow a garden. We change ours out for the holidays and the kids get to decorate them for christmas, it's pretty cute! I'll do a post on those soon too!



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