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Your Thanksgiving Table

The table should be the heart of your home. In our family, we always end our day with a warm meal around the table. We love sharing our table with friends and it truly is a beautiful place to dig deeper and share our lives with others. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year for us to engage in conversation and fill our tables with laughter and joy!

A few months ago, my husband and I tackled a large outdoor farmhouse table. We have an eat-in nook, so we were limited on dining space. I couldn't stop dreaming about how magical it would be to fit 10 people around a table outside. We live in San Diego, so there is never a bad time to enjoy the outdoors. Since building the table, I have seen our table be a beautiful meeting place for many. As I said earlier, sharing a meal changes things.

Many of us will be opening our homes for the Thanksgiving season. I found it quite fitting to offer my clients a beautiful tablescape! Let me take care of your holiday decorating and you worry about dishing up that tasty meal and enjoying the company of your loved ones.

This year I have created a rustic and chic, fall inspired centerpiece. We all know the centerpiece tends to take the backseat when it comes down to the nitty gritty. We've all been there at the checkout stands grabbing a bouquet of flowers or pulling together last minute decor.

I spent some time scouring to find the perfect mix for a warm and inviting centerpiece. All the leaves are made from the finest materials and can be easily stored for next year's festivities! The magnolia leaves are my absolute favorite! They look so authentic and pair so well with the golden berries and birch tree trunk.

You can reach out to me directly to reserve your Thanksgiving tablescape. Happy Holidays!

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