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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Yes, we are THAT family. Christmas graced our presence the day after Halloween. I always like to add to our decor each year, so I felt it necessary to pull items out early so I don't buy without a plan. We also are not perfect and you'll likely see mismatched ornament hangers and my lightbulb wire peeking through, but this year has been a journey of learning that perfection isn't the goal each time. This Christmas tree came together beautifully with little hands involved accompanied by a Pentatonix Christmas playlist!

Our faux Christmas tree from Balsam Hill got a few upgrades this year. And yes, it's faux. All our live trees would die every year, because we all know that I am a terrible plant keeper. I purchased a handful of glitter branches and pinecone bunches from Target's Christmas clearance last year and they made their debut this year. I added some more ribbon to the tree with this simple linen ribbon from Walmart. I love my "Joy to the World" ribbon, but I've never been able to find it since I bought it 2 years ago. Insert sad face. I've also always used globe lights to give the tree a unique look! We actually use globe lights on our exterior too which I think looks so charming!

***Full disclosure: Yes, there is a clothespin baby Jesus that Asher made in preschool and Lila's LOL ornament is tucked in the tree as well, so aren't I the fun mom?! ;)

I'm obsessed with twinkle lights for Christmas. They are everywhere. But I added these gold lanterns from Walmart and threw in a strand of twinkle lights to spruce them up. They are on a timer so I don't have to worry about turning them on each night! I don't always shop for Christmas decor in the Christmas aisle. So these lanterns were a sweet find!

I've slowly added this modern village to our laundry hall! It's on the way to the guest bath so I love decorating these little niches to spread Christmas cheer! I placed some battery operated tea lights inside these ceramic houses and they light up in the evenings automatically!

I've added some look-alike options below to incorporate into your personal Christmas decor. Christmas is my favorite time of year so I hope some of this festive decor helps spread joy in your home! Merry Christmas!

1. Christmas Tree

2. Rose Glitter Ornaments

3. Pinecone Twigs

4. Glitter Branches

5. Wood Ornaments

6. String Lights

7. Brass Lantern

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