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I just returned from KBIS in Las Vegas and can't wait to share all the goodness. The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is the largest industry show in North America. It happens every year and is a must-see for all architects, builders and designers. By attending KBIS we see new trends, innovations and products introduced to the North American market. This year did not dissappoint with some exciting new intros and some great conversation with brands and colleagues.

I had the pleasure of attending on behalf of Designhounds (a network of influence) and a collection of industry brands. There's no better way to experience KBIS. We got the inside scoop on international brands launching in North America for the first time as well as new innovations in materials and production. With private showroom tours and in-depth training I came back inspired, educated and with a few new trade secrets for upcoming projects!


We started the week with the Changemaker Conference with Grohe, Mr. Steam, Westlake Building Materials and Signature Kitchen Suites. Designhounds and brands came together to discuss industry innovation, collaboration and creativity. And then there was wine. And some tears...At the start of the conference, I was completely caught off guard when our design Queen, CEO and founder of Designhounds, Veronika Miller-Eagleson made a very unexpected announcement.


As many of you may know, our new storefront recently flooded earlier this year after just 13 days of being open to the public. Were we devastated? Yes. Did we file an insurance claim? Yes. Were we denied? Yes. We packed up the whole shoppe, ripped out our newly installed floors, rented a dehumidifier and started from ground zero. We were gutted, but I was just so proud of my team. We are lean, but mighty. We had towels, Shop-Vacs and rain boots on the ground within hours to get the space cleaned up. No one left my side and many cried with me and shared a glass of wine. It took days of clean up, but our community SHOWED UP. We quickly did a sidewalk sale, online name it. Everyone rallied together to support us and honestly lift our hopes up during such an awful and devastating experience. But I digress.

At the Changemakers Conference, Veronika briefly shared my flood story. I quickly felt the tears well up when she announced that our brand sponsors were going to be pitching in to help offset the cost of the repairs at our shoppe. This was absolutely beyond generous and unexpected. This is our industry at its best. These partnerships and relationships are just absolutely invaluable. To see our design community come together to help get us back on our feet leaves me speechless. Thank you to Grohe, Mr. Steam, Westlake Building Materials and Signature Kitchen Suites for your generosity. And thank you to Veronika who not only orchestrated this act of kindness, but also supported our small business through the purchase of the Designhounds swag bags for KBIS 2024. I am still pinching myself as this was absolutely unexpected.

It was a wonderful week in Vegas and you can catch the inside scoop on our Instagram highlights HERE. Here's a quick recap of some fun finds!


LG has been the pioneer in craft-sphere ice. And this 48" panel ready refrigerator does not disappoint! Check out the dedicated craft and cubed ice drawer below.

You can see one our more recent SKS kitchens here below. We are big fans and wrapped up another one recently. Check it our below.


Touring with Westlake was such a treat! We got an in depth tour of their booth which included one of my favorite stone lines, El Dorado. In fact, you can find one of our kitchens featuring their TundraBrick on their website.

I really loved a variety of their exterior limestone materials. The Grand Banks is one of my faves and I look forward to specifying it on a future project.


During our time at the show, we had the opportunity to discover new products and name our favorite finds! There were a few items that caught my attention or that I felt just don't get enough recognition. From battery operated lighting to customizable backplates, you can see some of our faves below.

KBIS 2024 did not disappoint. I am thrilled and honored to have had the opportunity to cover KBIS 2024 and am looking forward to another great show next year!

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