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Last month we revealed Via Sinuoso's Kitchen Before + After. But the fun doesn't stop there! The living room transformation is sure to catch your attention. Just like the kitchen, we were graced with the presence of these dated oak cabinets. I am sure we are all familiar with this era of cabinetry. It was time to give this space a facelift!

Those dated cabinets had to go! However, we still needed a multi-functional hardworking space. We had plenty to work with and just needed to get a little creative with our floor plan. I am deeply passionate about designing spaces that don't just look pretty, but are extremely practical. After all, life is too short to make things complicated. So we reworked the floor plan and customized the cabinetry to fit our clients personal needs. You would never know, but in these beautiful built-ins there is a file cabinet. Please and thank you! We also incorporated our most favorite television, the Samsung Frame TV . The ultimate entertainment unit! Check out our render below. Isn't it just so pretty!?


This might be my all-time built-in situation, The functionality and beauty. We spared no detail with the darling library lights, horizontal shiplap and the floating wall cabinet in the center. I just love it so much! Honestly, this whole space makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I love a good sectional moment and this hammered wood coffee table gives all the earthy and organic vibes.. Ok, ready for me to blow your mind? Check out the final reveal!


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It look just like our concept, doesn't it? Isn't it so darling and cozy and inviting? We spend countless hours designing spaces to make sure we maximize every inch. We think through each fabric and surface. We gather detailed information from our clients through a questionnaire that gives us insight into their lifestyle. This helps us design beautiful AND functional spaces that are unique to our clients' needs. It's always a nice treat when we get to the end of a project and what we designed is just what was presented! There is nothing better than earning a clients' trust.

How do we feel about the white sectional? I'm always a fan. And of course when we go white we have to go performance. You can read all about the benefits of performance fabric HERE. We love Revolution Performance Fabric because their fabric is inherently stain repellent and bleach cleanable. There is no added stain repellant solution coating the fabric-it's just that good. And it's made in the USA!

Let me walk you through the rest of this space, because it's just so magical. We pretty much flip-flopped the floor plan. Check out the before to help paint the picture. You can see there was a sliding glass door in that back corner that we converted to french doors.



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I feel like adjusting that sliding glass door made all the difference. And isn't the print by Melissa Koby so beautiful? So many sweet details throughout. From every pillow to the succulent centerpiece we created. This space was so refreshing. Let's take a look at the rest of the space.


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We rotated the space to create a nice fireplace seating area and eliminated the built-in and replaced it with fire log storage which is just so cute! The natural light in this corner is perfect for your morning coffee, afternoon tea and evening glass of wine. We had a hand plaster finish applied to update the fireplace which was clean, modern and simply beautiful.

Checkout the open floor plan in this space! Isn't it so great? I love that we were able to add ample seating in the kitchen and by the fireplace with a full-sized sectional in the living room. What more could anyone want?

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Such a lovely home. I love the white walls. Often times, less is more.

I saved a little treat for the end...the powder bath. The perfect space for wallpaper! Didn't this come together so beautifully! The floor tiles, the vanity color, the cabinet darling!

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This piece is Brigitte Rises. The Brigitte series is Christopher Kennedy’s nod to the Palm Springs/60's era with a twist on the Frank Sinatra/Twin Palms lifestlyle. Isn't it just so darling?

If you want to see more of our Via Sinuoso project head to our portfolio page!

Ready to renovate with The True House? Head to our services page to book a complimentary discovery call or email us at for more details about working with us!

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