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KBIS 2020: PART 2

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Ok, so I left off talking about functionality and wellness on my last post. Two very huge topics at KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show). I had the incredible opportunity to meet face to face with manufacturers and really be educated on the products on the market for kitchens and bath. Mr. Steam was so generous and treated us to a delicious dinner at the Bellagio to share how they are impacting health and wellness with one simple tool...STEAM!

I had never personally experienced a steam shower which now makes me wonder how many of you have had the privilege to spend some time in a steam shower. Lucky for us, Mrs. Steam herself didn't waste any time. We were invited to the spa at The Nomad to experience steam for ourselves.

This is definitely the ultimate steam shower! However, we can all have our own personal steam shower at home. All it takes to create a steam shower is tile (everywhere), an enclosed space and a transom window. It's actually quite easier to accomplish than one would think. These before and afters help give you an understanding of how it's accomplished.

Although steam is viewed as a luxury, it actually has countless health benefits. You guys, did you know one steam session burns 150 calories and boosts metabolism? Forget my Peloton bike, I want a steam shower! There are 40 plus benefits to steam that will blow your mind and you can view those here. So who wants a steam shower in 2020? I'm ready to partner with Mr. Steam and bring wellness into your home!

Ok, now can we "oooh" and "ahhhh" over this feature by Control4? They are hands down the leader in home automation. I am technologically challenged and I swear I repel technology. I always get the pat down at the airport and electronics stop working when I'm in the room. I also have 3 remotes to work just one TV. It's a nightmare.

You can bet I need some Control4 in my life. I love their new Neeo Remote that controls all your smart features on one remote. I'm talking Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, lighting, door locks, surround sound and more. It's basically your go-to "control" for all things smart in your home. Remember when I said "less is more"? I would love just ONE thing to control ALL the things! PLEEAAASSSE.

Now trust me, I know this is a lot of information for consumers. There are so many ways to customize your home these days. Often times your lifestyle (and budget) will help guide your decisions. But that's what designers are here for. We definitely don't have all the answers, but absolutely have a way to find them.

I hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes of our industry. I was so honored to be included in this group of talented and successful women. I'm grateful for the team at Modenus and KBIS for creating a partnership between brands and designers. This has really given us the opportunity to get face to face with manufacturers and provide an elevated client experience.

No better way to end our trip than with a beautiful dinner celebrating the partnerships made. My heart is so full. I may share a little more about the emotional aspect of these trips if you'd like to hear it. Let me know!

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