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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Okay, I bet you're wondering why I call this fall dress my "Taco Dress". Well, first, let me tell you, my love for tacos runs DEEP! Also, after having 2 kids and running a small business, I've maybe eaten a taco too many. Or fries. Or wine. So a nice "flowy" dress is my go-to in this season.

Our kids are on a modified year-round schedule so we vacation in the fall during one of their breaks. In preparation, I stopped into Zara a few weeks ago looking for some new vacation outfits. But, of course, I came out with fall dresses instead. HAHA! I've linked all the outfit details below because this dress is so eazy-breezy and a must-have with some fall booties. Side note, I get a ton of compliments on my mules and they practically go with every outfit!

Also, I'm totally on the fanny pack bandwagon. Judge away! Linked below!

1. Peter Grimm Dira Fedora Hat Black (similar) I love my hat so much and wear it when I'm all out of dry shampoo, haha.

2. Floral Print AKA Taco Dress I promise, this is a must have. Also, I'm 5'4" so if you are short, you can pull this off! I bought a Medium.

3. Beaded Studs Tassel Drop Earrings Because who doesn't love a tassel earring?

4.Women's Belt Bag Join the club, this fanny pack is perfect as a crossbody!

5. Report Women's Tisha Fashion Boot Every outfit. I swear. And it's close to my skin color so I personally think it elongates the leg! Just sayin'.

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Sherri Mannello
Oct 14, 2019

You’re always so put together and rock every outfit I see you in. Especially love all of your earring choices.

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