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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Every holiday I love to spruce up the porch. We head to Hobby Lobby for a few accessories, and I decorate the porch with the kids. It's become quite the tradition and something I hope my kids will carry into their own families. This year, I added some extra touches in preparation for our annual Easter bash.

Easter at our house is always a party! Well, who am I kidding?! Any reason to party, we are on it! It's a Sunday afternoon, and the sun is out? Wine and cheese please? It's a 3-Day weekend? We've got hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill. We love hosting. Being a 7 on the ENNEAGRAM I am quite the "enthusiast." I like to make things fun, festive, and memorable. By Easter we are usually getting a taste of our San Diego sun, and we are ready to take full advantage. In addition to delicious food and fabulous cocktails we keep things casual by having a HUGE water fight! The kids really look forward to it, and it's become such a memorable tradition in our home.

Here are some of the things I keep in my Easter arsenal!

1. BUNCH O BALLOONS : These water balloons allow you to fill up 100 balloons in 60 seconds! If it's easy, I'm in! Then we plop them all into the steel round tub (#3)

2. EMOJI BLASTER WATER GUNS : This 24 pack of blaster water guns are easy for the kids to use and allow each kid to have their own! This is great for some of the little kids who don't have the motor skills to operate and refill a traditional water gun.

3. STEEL ROUND TUB : This tub is rust resistant, wont crack or fade, and is perfect to hold the water needed for all of the fun water games. We have two on hand and we drag them out for EVERY party. They make a super cute drink display too!

4. STRIPED POTATO RACE SACKS : Who doesn't love a good potato sack race? I'm kinda hoping these are a hit, I figured some one would get a good laugh over these. Love giving the kids something to look forward to.

5. BUNNY LUMBAR THROW PILLOW : Ok, this precious bunny face was just begging for a place in my house this Easter. It adds a nice touch of whimsy to our family party.

6. PLAID LUMBAR THROW PILLOW CREAM : Swapping out pillows is a quick and cost effective way to update a space for a fresh, new look each season. I love this one because I can pull it out for Valentine's day!

7. BUNNY SQUARE THROW PILLOW : I couldn't just bring one bunny pillow home! This guy is adorable!

8/9. PINK + PURPLE EASTER BAMBOO POM POM BASKETS : We literally do not need a new Easter basket, but who can resist these pom-pom and fringe baskets!!!???

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