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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Well, who would have thought we we would me amidst a global pandemic when we first partnered with POLYWOOD to renovate our front yard. It has been a long spring, no doubt. I'm so grateful we had a healthy distraction while we were on house arrest and now we have a beautiful space to enjoy and entertain safely once things settle down. I'm starting to think front yards are going to become the new post-quarantine space.

You know me I'm a straight shooter so I'm here to give you all the facts and details and show you pretty pictures along the way. If you haven't been following along on our Better Homes and Garden-One Room Challenge then let me get you up to speed. The One Room Challenge, currently in its seventeenth season, is a widely anticipated biannual event every April and October. Each round, design influencers take the challenge and transform a space. Every week, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over six weekly posts. Due to the pandemic, this year's ORC ran for 8 weeks.

Now, let's get started! Here's the BEFORE...

This space was "ok", but didn't have much curb appeal. Given that it is in the front of the house, I went back and forth with how to update it because it would effect the overall architecture of the home. We eventually (after A LOT of back and forth) decided we were going to build a privacy fence so we could enjoy the space any time of day. It was A LOT of work, no joke. But totally worth it and I don't know if we would have taken the plunge if we didn't have the opportunity to collaborate with such a wonderful brand.

POLYWOOD is an outdoor furniture brand that is truly passionate about the outdoor space. Their furniture is fade resistant which makes it perfect year-round. And the icing on the cake is that their products are made with landfill-bound and ocean-bound plastics! Do you know they recycle 400,000 milk jugs each day!? By 2021 they will have incorporated 1 MILLION pounds of ocean-bound plastic into their furniture. I encourage you to view a quick video all about their story. They are truly committed to making a difference in our environment while also creating a quality product. They stand behind the construction of their product so much so that they even offer a 20 year warranty. I am so proud to have their product in our home. I had been eyeballing their Modern Adirondack for quite some time before we ever connected. And to be honest, I didn't know their story. They are truly a genuine and authentic team of people that are passionate about what they do.

Isn't this chair just perfect?! I've always loved adirondacks, but I lean a little more modern in my aesthetic, so these chairs are PERFECTION! As I mentioned in my video, they are a little smaller in size than the traditional oversized adirondack which I love because you can seat more people comfortably in a smaller space!

The timing worked out great with the Better Homes and Garden One Room Challenge, so we were able to document each step of the project, week by week. You can head to IGTV to see the entire project unfold.

WEEK ONE: Concept

WEEK TWO: The Logistics (feat. my husband and his amusement with the whole project).

WEEK THREE: The Fence Reveal

WEEK FOUR: Our Paver Install

WEEK FIVE/SIX: The Sneak Peek

WEEK SEVEN: The Photoshoot

Before I share the reveal, I have to tell you how much this little house of ours means to us and how creating this space is more than just pretty pictures. We've always loved to entertain and really love our diverse neighborhood. I now have a space I can welcome a neighbor over in and pour a glass of wine and watch the sunset together. Quarantine has kind of put a wrench in things, but at the same time, this timing could not have been better. We have shared a morning cup of coffee or slice of pizza with neighbors out here and were able to pull the chairs apart and chat from afar. It really has added to our square footage which I definitely had taken for granted. Ok, now for the REVEAL!


When I found out POLYWOOD was introducing a black and white cabana stripe I knew I had to get my hands on it! This chair paired with their cabana stripe cushion was just the vibe I was looking for! Classic and timeless! We also added their headrest pillow which breaks up the solid black and is an added comfort when you're leaning back in the chair. Both the cushion and neck pillow will be available for purchase in September!

We added the Beton Blanco 24"x24"pavers by MSI to our pea gravel which completely took this space to the next level. Hands down, the space would not have been the same if it weren't for the pavers. What I love about these tiles is they are made of porcelain so they are safe for outdoor use and they can easily be installed without a professional. They are VERY heavy and it was a lot of work as you can see from our video, but surprisingly, they were less work than I anticipated. However, I am no professional and they aren't perfectly straight or level, but I think they still look great!

I think I underestimated the power of a chiminea in the space. We went with a little DIY project and painted this chiminea black. We used high heat spray paint and I think it turned out great. It really added such a relaxing and inviting vibe. We also went with nice big round conversational tables. We now have plenty of space for all of our food and drinks! These teak tables from Modway were the perfect addition!

It worked out perfectly that Better Homes and Garden had a cabana stripe umbrella so we could add some shade to the area! I love to ride our bicycles down the street and see the umbrella in the front yard!

And then, let's talk about the accessories! How adorable is this galvanized bucket for beers? This will come in handy when we EVENTUALLY build our pool in the backyard. It totally gives me all the resort vibes!

I'm so grateful for this space and I appreciate you all coming along for the journey! I'm super excited to share the final reveal video by MinoProMedia with you below...

I know we've all been spending a lot more time at home so I hope this inspires you to tackle a new space inside your home or outdoors! I'm happy to answer any questions about any of the elements or pieces in the space!


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