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We are blown away that our Hiker's Trail kitchen is still keeping the attention of Pinners across the globe! We completed this project in 2019 and it's still garnering attention! We wanted to answer the burning question you've all been asking...What is that tile? We have received phone messages from all over the country begging for the details on this kitchen so we are ready to spill all the deets!

But first, let's take a trip down memory lane, because, this kitchen started with a render before it became a reality. Take a look at our 3D concept.


Part of our design process is to start with rough drawings and then, we walk through the rendering process. The rendering process allows us to view different angles, materials and floor plans. We are able to see a pretty accurate representation of the space prior to execution. We rely on this phase of the design process heavily in order to finalize all selections. It's not only helpful for our clients to be able to visualize a space, but also allows us to troubleshoot before entering the construction phase.

Believe it or not, almost every project we design is installed/executed with just minor revisions. Maybe a change in a counter stool or a secondary rug option. I think the ability to see such a realistic view of your space, allows you the confidence to move forward into the implementation phase with confidence.

Here's a few more photos of our most pinned kitchen.

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Our inbox has been buzzing for the past 4 years, so we figured it was time to let the cat outta the bag. Drum roll please. The moment we've all been waiting for....What is that blue tile?

It is Bedrosians Cloe in Baby Blue. Ta-da! I feel like I just released the biggest secret of all time. Here's a little background on this tile selection. Our client loved baby blue, however, I wanted something with depth and variation. We were familiar with the Bedrosians Cloe collection and knew that a "skinny" subway with some color variation in shades of blue would be the perfect timeless selection.

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Now, some of you may be wondering, what took you soooo long to reveal such valuable information? In fact, some Pinterest strangers were very upset that we did not reply promptly with all the details for this space. While the sharing our of our interior design sources can be valuable in fostering creativity, it is not always feasible to disclose these details to the public. Part of the value we bring as interior designers are our unique materials, techniques and trade secrets. It's like a magician revealing the steps to his magic trick. ;) As interior designers, we also want to respect the privacy and preferences of our clients. We always do our best to share when we can while maintaining a balance that respects the integrity, creativity and the collected interest of the design community.

We are happy to share our Hikers Trail project and tile with you and hope it inspires you to tackle your next project. If you want to see more of our Hikers Trail project head to our portfolio page! And make sure you follow along on Pinterest for all out home industry inspo!

Ready to renovate with The True House? Head to our services page to book a complimentary discovery call or email us at for more details about working with us!

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