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We all know a tract house when we see one. Cabinets that don't go to the ceiling, granite slabs, vinyl floors and loads of carpet...the list goes on. Often times, tract houses have great bones. And who doesn't love a good suburb. Planned communities, great schools, walking trails...tract homes have a lot to offer. Unfortunately, to maximize time and money, they typically don't have custom features or luxury details. That's where we come in! We love maximizing your space and your pocketbook!

Let's start in the kitchen with this lovely before...

Ok, so listen, I don't hate this floor plan. In fact, we've renovated a very similar flip-flopped kitchen before. You can see that project HERE. What I don't love is how choppy the space feels. Almost every tract home has these teeny tiny countertop spaces (to the right of the wall ovens). They tend to collect spam mail and other useless junk and they break up the flow of the kitchen. So first things first, I wanted to create some symmetry in the space and we also wanted to add some island seating per our client's request. You'll be shocked at how much better the space looks simply by removing the wall ovens and introducing a slide-in range. See our 3D concept below!


Isn't it magical? So consider we introduced darker cabinetry and darker perimeter countertops but the space immediately looks lighter and brighter! We also added floating shelves near the window to open things up and let some more of that light stream in. We kept the island open and airy and made sure we had ample walkways. We have a larger walkway on the right to provide more space for accessing the refrigerator. I would have loved to see 42-48" walkways on both sides, but considering the size of the kitchen and incorporating seating at the island, this just wasn't feasible. You can see our preliminary floor plan below. I think it helps give some context to the scale of the space. We often get questions about the size of a space or island dimensions so you can find all that below!

One of my favorite features in this space is the concrete finish countertops and how they contrast the reflective and variated tile backsplash. I was so happy our client approved tiling the range hood! I think this just elevates and anchors the space. It allowed us to introduce other fun elements like the pop of color on the island and textured counter stools without it feeling overwhelming. We also added some extra detail with decorative paneling on exposed ends of our cabinetry. Isn't it darling?


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This kitchen has been my laptop wallpaper for months because it just makes me happy! It's welcoming, not stuffy. Elevated and custom, but not unattainable. And I just love all the custom details including the island cabinetry. We added a sweet little inset console-style piece to the end of the island. I think it transitions so nicely into the adjacent living space. I also, of course, love the appliance garage (What's that? Read here). This is a great example of a highly custom kitchen where we did some splurging and some saving. In order to add all these custom features, including a panel ready beverage fridge and dishwasher, we opted for a more economical range and refrigerator. Notice we did not do a panel-ready (built-in) refrigerator. Although we still managed to sneak in some craft ice with the LG Craft Ice Refrigerator. Life is just too short to not enjoy the simple pleasures.


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I almost forgot to mention that sweet surprise of a tile we snuck into the appliance garage! We were able to blend both husband and wife's aesthetic by including a fun pattern in a more subtle manner. I really love it!

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In these photos above you can see how we disguised the dishwasher as well as trimmed out the beverage fridge. I just really love how it all came together. Lots of small details working together to create this happy and sophisticated kitchen!

Ready to check out the rest of the house? Stay tuned for our next blog post where we head upstairs to the primary bath!

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04 de jun. de 2023

I love love love this space! Can you provide the blue paint color name, please?

Alyce Lopez
Alyce Lopez
05 de jun. de 2023
Respondendo a

Thanks Kelly! This is Sherwin Williams Blustery Sky!

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