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What is High Point Market? It's insanity, that's what it is. I'll start with saying if you are an interior designer and have never attended HPMKT, you are missing out! HPMKT is the nation's largest furniture show. It has more than 11,500,000 sq. ft. of showroom space, 180 buildings, 75,000 attendees, 2,000 exhibitors, and 100+ countries represented. There is no way to wrap your head around what HPMKT truly is unless you've attended. You will never see it all. It's like the Disneyland of furniture. Always something new to see and always wear your comfiest shoes.

Showroom after showroom, HPMKT is overflowing with tens of thousands of new product introductions, educational opportunities, endless networking opportunities, and resources.

I had the pleasure of participating in the Design Influencers Tour this year. HPMKT authorities and Esteem Media selects ten design influencers twice a year to cover a two-day tour of sponsored showrooms at High Point Market. During each tour, designers receive an in-depth look at the exhibitor’s company history, brand positioning, and furnishings products. Here's a quick intro to all the amazing design professionals I had the pleasure of meeting.

Ready for the juicy details...If I'm being honest, I almost declined participating. I know what you're thinking...Alyce, it looks so fun, you're so lucky, what an incredible opportunity. I know, I know, I know. But the idea of traveling across the country and meeting new faces had me rethinking things and that imposter syndrome started creeping in. And then I said, not today Satan. I am soooo glad I didn't let fear get the best of me and told myself what I tell my kids: "We do hard things". My time with Esteem Media, HPMKT and these wonderful brands and influencers was absolutely wonderful. I met the most incredible brands, influencers and business leaders in just 2 short days.

Now to recap alllll the trends. I love a good play on words or an acronym so we are going with the 3B's!

BROWNS, BOUCLE and BURL WOOD. All three are still going strong and more manufacturers are embracing these trends.


We spent a lot (too many for my taste, lol) of years embracing grey, then white (still loving alllll shades of white) and now things are shifting to BROWN. Leathers, warm earth tones and textures filled the halls of market. And I am here for allll of it!

Top Left: Varaluz, Top Right: Four Hands Furniture, Left Center: Century Furniture, Right Center: Hooker Furnishings, Bottom Left: Century Furniture, Bottom Right: Hooker Furnishings

You can see all these fabrics have some depth. Whether it's a velvet, boucle or leather, texture and warmth is everywhere!


Believe it or not, boucle is still going strong! And not just in white! So many fun colors and patterns being introduced...including plaid! Really loved the plaid!

Top left: Century Furniture, Top Right: Sherill Furniture Brands, Bottom Left: Hooker Furnishings, Bottom Right: Century Furniture

Reallllly loved the plaid, can you tell? I was like stooooop, I need a pic of this magical sectional by Hooker Furniture!


Carrying along the trend of warmer shades is burl wood. So yummy! I love the variation and movement it brings into a room and can be found in so many different pieces.

I'm hoping to incorporate all these trends, BROWN, BOUCLE and BURL WOOD in some upcoming projects! What do you think? Are you here for it? Which trend is your fave?

We would love to help with your upcoming furniture project! Have a room you'd like us to furnish? We love utilizing our vendor relationships to provide unique and quality furnishings. We handle everything from material samples and 3D renders to ordering, tracking and final delivery and reveal!

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Tour Sponsors:

Crypton at Century Furniture

Crypton at Fabricut

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