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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Let's talk upholstery! We do A LOT of upholstery. Often times for consumers aesthetic is the priority. And most people don't really know what a "comfy couch" really is. So we want to explore the most common options available. We offer multiple options when it comes to seat cushions. Your personal preference ultimately determines which filling is the right one for you! Some cushions may feel soft and comfy while others may feel more firm or supportive. Let's break it down!

Standard Foam Seat Cushion:

A standard foam seat cushion is common in most stock retail store sofas. If you've opened up your sofa cushions and find a large foam cushion wrapped in a polyester batting, you have a standard foam cushion. These cushions have a standard core foam with high support and are wrapped in a polyester fiber/batting provides extra seating comfort. The density of the foam will vary based on the manufacturer. This style cushion is budget friendly so it has its place in certain settings. However, it wouldn't be my top choice for a family room or space where you really want to be comfy!

Comfort Down Cushion:

This is our most popular cushion! A comfort down cushion is similar to a standard foam seat cushion except it is wrapped in down. It has a foam core that provides support and is wrapped in polyester fiber for additional comfort. THEN, a mix of soft duck down, waterfowl feathers and polyester fiber is wrapped around the foam providing that soft down feeling we all love! The cushion is then wrapped in a ticking that prevents the down and feathers from poking through. Such an important step!

Memory Foam Cushion:

A memory foam cushions starts out just like a standard cushion with high density foam. Then you place a memory foam toppers on both cushion tops and bottoms. Imagine your standard mattress gets an upgrade with a memory foam topper. That's the comfort that a memory foam cushion provides. You have sewn in accord ticking on the cushion top and bottom with muslin wrap around the cushion to keep everything in place. Memory foam is great because you watch it rise up after you've been sitting. They wear nicely and you won't see uneven cushions as quickly as you would with a standard foam cushion.

Spring Micro-Down Cushion:

Spring down offers the best of both worlds. A spring down cushion is ideal for those who prefer a seating feel that is not too firm or too soft. You also get the fluff of down, but without the regular fluffing. If you have experienced down already you know it requires some fluffing. A spring down cushion has individually pocketed coils inside the seat cushion. Think mattress. It's wrapped by a foam core that gives a plush feel and then a micro denier polyester fiber that provides the look and feel of natural down with the longevity of a synthetic. Then, a polyester fiber band on front panel helps give its desired contour and shape and the entire cushion is wrapped in 200 thread count cotton ticking, offering superior durability. This is obviously the queen of all cushions. I love that the coils really help keep the cushion nice and even. Less fluffing required and not evidence of who sat where last!

How's that goldilocks? If you are local to San Diego and would like our help selecting your next sectional or sofa we are happy to be your source of all things custom and comfy! You can email us anytime at with approximate dimensions and desired style and we can get you a competitive quote with in-home delivery.



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