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If you've been following along you know my husband is a devoted home brewer. He is not a golfer or a sports fanatic, but he LOVES beer. Shopping for him is always a challenge because, well, I don't just want to buy him beer. His love for brewing beer runs so deep, we even had our family photos taken at a local brewery.

This Valentine's Day, I'm thinking about practicality. For Christmas I ordered him an AppleWatch and it basically changed his life! He takes all my calls now! HAHA!

I compiled a list of must-haves for every husband that should make your gift-giving this season easy and practical!

1. BEER SUBSCRIPTION : We have done this in the past and it was a HUGE hit. The beers arrived monthly for 3 months so it's a gift that keeps on giving!

2. BLUETOOTH SPEAKER : We use ours all the time at home, during parties, in the garage and he also takes it to work.

3. APPLE AIRPOD : I asked for these for Christmas and they are a game changer. I use them for phone calls, audiobooks while shopping and music while I clean. But I know he will use them when he brews in the garage.

4. NIKE FREE RN : We both have these Nikes and they are the ONLY comfy Nikes I have ever owned because the back of the shoe doesn't rub around your ankle. We wear them to Disney or to go running together.

5. BEER CADDY : I thought this was so cute so when he takes beer to a friend's house he can pack his home brew. And yes, I realize they don't carry about cuteness, but it's super functional too!

6. APPLE WATCH : As I mentioned above, this is the perfect gift that also gives back if your man is hard to get a hold of sometimes ;)

7. GROUPON : When I'm looking for something super creative, Groupon never disappoints. I can always find with something for a date night or a guys' night out. We've purchased beer tasting flights, hotel stays and more through Groupon.

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