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It's time for another before and after! And this one is long overdue! I am positive you will absolutely love this transformation! It's one of our faves! It is full of personality and effortless charm, just like our clients!

Let's start with the classic before...

Look familiar? I'm sure we can all relate to these dated oak cabinets. I'm pretty sure I had these in my very first apartment 20 years ago.

First things first, we measured and we schemed. I knew we wanted to remove the small dining area to create a larger kitchen. This is a popular request since most tract houses from the 90's-2000's have a secondary "formal" dining space. Everyone loves a good island and counter stools so we had to rework this layout to get just that! Are you ready for our 3D concept...Ta-da!!!


As you can see, we opted for a peninsula (a peninsula is attached to the perimeter base cabinets and the island floats independently-hence the name). However, it's never THAT simple. We had to install a new window that would match the existing sink window so we could run countertop underneath it. Existing window was too low...which in turn led to exterior stucco work. We determined the proper width to accommodate a nice peninsula with overhang and a set of comfy counter stools.

I'm obsessed with the lighting on this one and the "freestanding" island. That was a whole other story. By code, when you have a fixed island, you must have electrical. That meant we had to find a way to run electrical in through the decorative island legs. It takes a village. From our design plan to general contractors to cabinet's a process. As a designer, we can come up with fresh, new designs, but a builder has to be able to ACTUALLY build and engineer what we draw. Thank goodness there was enough space in the leg to accommodate electrical, but we did have to rewire the existing electrical so it would land in the perfect spot to draw up the leg and into the side of the island. I think it was worth it...but you can ask the electrician. ;) Let's take a look at our final reveal!


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What do you think? Isn't it magical? So light and airy. Welcoming. Calming. All the ways we should feel in our personal home. So many sweet details. I just love everything about this kitchen. It's playful. modern, welcoming and so charming. I love the contrast of the dark quartz countertops. And if you look closely, they are a concrete finish which has no sheen and feels so earthy and unpretentious. Let's check out a few more angles of this lovely neutral kitchen!

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And let's not forget to drool over the star of the show (pun intended)...our star and cross backsplash by Fireclay Tile! They loved our install so much they featured it on their website! The skill it took to install this is amazing and I'm always amazed by the trades that work diligently and patiently with our designs. So meticulous and worth the investment.

Also, can we have a moment for some of my favorite luxury vinyl floors? Everyone loves an authentic hardwood floor, but luxury vinyl floors are still gaining popularity due to their friendly labor and material costs. Coretec has some great options and Calypso Oak is one of my faves. After finalizing floors, we were able to custom color match our rift white oak cabinetry for a seamless integration.

Well, I could go on forever with every little kitchen detail here, but I'll let you head to our portfolio page to see more images of the transformation. Thanks for coming along for the big reveal and I hope you found some inspiration for your own home.

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