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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

I was so thrilled when I was selected to cover Signature Kitchen Suites for KBIS Virtual 2021! KBIS is the largest kitchen and bath industry show featuring 14,000 companies. It alternates between Las Vegas and Orlando every two years. It is a must see show for anyone in our industry from builders to designers.

I had the pleasure of attending last year as a DesignHound and you can see the most incredibly sponsored event HERE and HERE. Here I am last year with two of my colleagues Amanda (left) at Anthem Collective and Jen (right) at Jennifer Lynn Interiors. This year, I'm honored to have been selected by LG's luxury appliance line Signature Kitchen Suites to cover KBIS 2021 Virtual.

Each year kitchen and bath companies across the globe reveal new trends and products. By attending KBIS, we have the first glimpse at all new products that haven't been introduced to the public. In fact, often times, we get to see products that are in their beta testing which really gives us inside scoop to the future of kitchen and bath design.

I've really enjoyed learning more about SKS appliances. SKS works with chefs and our food industry to develop products that help us cook food in a way that allows us to enjoy food in its truest capacity. As you can imagine, this resonates with us at The "True" House because we really believe our homes should be enjoyed in their truest form with "real life" and "real design". Our appliances should inspire us to gather around the kitchen and try new recipes. And if you're like me and aren't the best cook, let the appliance do all the heavy lifting! HAHA!

As you watch this video, you'll discover one of their most popular appliances, their Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Sous-Vide and Induction AKA the Swiss army knife of ranges. It comes in a 36" and a 48". We've been sous vide cooking for a couple of years and it is so easy! At least that's what my husband makes it look like. Side note: Ladies, find yourselves a husband that can cook. Funny story, I didn't even realize what a good chef my hubby was until I stopped cooking...just sayin'. Anyway, you "basically" throw your chicken, steak, ribs, veggies into a ziploc and they slow cook by themselves. We've actually done sous vide ribs for New Year's Eve the last couple of years. They're delicious! Like fall off the bone ridiculousness. And no mess which is so helpful! Remember when Rachel Ray used to do single-pan recipes? I feel like the Sous-vide is the millennial equivalent to the single pan recipe. And for those of you frowning over cooking your food in plastic, keep in mind we've come a long way and food grade freezer bags are commonly BPA-free. You can also use re-usable bags!

Get can also use a sous vide for cocktails! We had an opportunity to try one of Signature Kitchen Suite's chef Nick Ritchie's recipes and I'm sharing it below! I've actually NEVER had a limoncello so this was super fun!

Check out the 2021 KBIS virtual showroom showcasing the Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Sous-Vide and Induction.

Now that we've covered sous vide, let's talk about refrigeration! One of the new introductions for 2021 is the 24" convertible refrigeration drawers. That means they can be whatever you want them to be! If you want to store ice cream or an extra bag of ice you can modify the drawer temperature. If you prefer beer and sparkling waters this is a great alternative to a wine fridge. Or how great would these drawers be for easy grab yogurts, fruits and veggies for the kids?

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to gather an inside scoop on Signature Kitchen Suite's new product introductions and the enhanced knowledge of their existing line. Selecting your appliances is such an important piece in renovating your kitchen. In fact, we start every kitchen by reviewing appliance options. We secure our appliances prior to space planning to make sure we have a high functioning kitchen. The more we can learn about appliance capabilities and offerings the more education we can provide to our clients.

Now that your mind is on food and cooking, I guess it wouldn't hurt if I shared one more recipe with you? I'm big on salty and not a big sweets girl, but this was legit. I will definitely be making some of Nick's white chocolate bark soon! Recipe below!

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